KIDECO is the best and leading energy company in Indonesia

Since its establishment in 1982, KIDECO has focused only on resource development. It is one of the world's leading energy companies which has not only contributed to the economic development of Paser region and Kalimantan but also to the stabilization of energy supply in Indonesia.

Beginning with the production of 1.2 million tonnes of coal in the early days of its establishment, KIDECO has continued to increase its production volume, passing the accumulated production volume of 300 million tonnes in 2013. The company is recognized as a credible company that can produce over 40 million tonnes of coal and stably supply coal to any customer, anywhere in the world by upgrading inland transport system, expanding the KIDECO-only bay, and revising the mining system, as well as constructing infrastructure.

In addition, KIDECO's bituminous coal is getting attention as the environment-friendly energy source containing only one seventh of the sulfur and lower ash components compared to other bituminous coal.

KIDECO's objective is to create a community where everyone is happy.

The ultimate value KIDECO seeks is the realization of a community where stockholders and the environment can be satisfied economically and emotionally. As KIDECO believes these are most likely ways creating lasting benefits.

To achieve this goal, KIDECO aims to follow four principles as below.

First, we will build a 'no-accident, no-disaster' mining company.
Second, we will realize a 'environmentally friendly mine'.
Third, we will actively engage ourselves in more CSR activities.
Finally, we will build a community culture in which stockholders, employees, and subcontractors can communicate harmoniously.

I promise you that KIDECO will keep these principles, that will be a 'respectable' business conscious of its duty as a member of the local community, and that will contribute to economic and social development of Indonesia.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and giving constant support.

Kim Sung-kook,
Chief Executive Officer, PT. KIDECO JAYA AGUNG