KIDECO coal allows customers to save huge capital costs for construction of flue gas desulfruization(FGD) facilities since it meets SOx emission regulations even without FGD system. Also, as it requires smaller area for the ash disposal to maintain, the life of ash ponds at power plants can be extended.more


KIDECO’s loading competitiveness is far beyond those of other Indonesian suppliers. Barges with hauling capacity up to 12K that are unaffected by depth changes, and well equipped loading facilities enable customers to choose the vessel type of their choice.more


KIDECO ensures customers with stable and prompt delivery through well installed and paved roads which can endure any weather conditions. As a large-scale producer of coal, KIDECO also is highly reliable for its consistency in the quality of its coal for each brand, as Kidceco’s coals come from single mine pits rather than numerous pits and mines.more

KIDECO has showed its interests in sales agency for Indonesia power generation companies by entering into agent contracts with other thermal coal producers.
Supplying Coal to more than 16 countries including Indonesia, India, China, Japan and Korea.

KIDECO appointed Samtan Co.,Ltd as its' exclusive sales agent for selling KIDECO Coal to the International markets.
Samtan has numerous strenghts .

  • Deep understanding and know-how on mining business
  • Global sales networks, built through the sales of KIDECO Coal for more than 20 years
  • Understanding on the international coal market
  • Well-organized sales workforce handling more than 32million tonnes a year
  • SAMTAN Marketing Team
  • Mr. Harry
  • tel. +62-21-525-7626 | +62-21-525-7662
  • Harry@kideco.co.id